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Articles From 2004

Fly Rod & Reel,   Jan./Feb. 2004
Nothing Like This Has Ever Been Attempted Anywhere
Audubon,   Jan./Mar. 2004
In its haste to indulge energy companies, the White House is sacrificing fish, wildlife, and the ranchers of the Rocky Mountain West.
Audubon,   Nov./Dec. 2004
Audubon,   Nov./Dec. 2004
Looking back at how much we've achieved over the past few decades, one of the nation's most seasoned and respected environmental writers explains why he's optimistic about our future—and the earth's.
Fly Rod & Reel,   Nov./Dec. 2004
Suddenly the feds can't tell wild salmonids from obese, stump-finned hatchery clones
Fly Rod & Reel,   March 2004
Why we should be upset over the Bush Administration's gutting of the Clean Air Act
Blackstone Daily,   March 2004
Fly Rod & Reel,   April 2004
Knee-jerk environmentalism is endangering many of our vanishing species
Audubon,   Apr./June 2004
Blackstone Daily,   May 2004
Audubon,   Apr./June 2004
No matter how hard it tries, the Bush administration cannot silence one of the nation's leading experts on coal mining's poisonous legacy.
Fly Rod & Reel,   June 2004
. . . Or how I learned to stop worrying and love the lamprey
Audubon,   July/Aug. 2004
Audubon,   July/Aug. 2004
Our addiction to corn-derived alcohol is not only costing us a lot of money, it's also wiping out fish and wildlife habitat, and polluting our air, soil, and water.
Fly Rod & Reel,   July/Oct. 2004
Fish don't have to be just another coal-industry waste product
Mother Jones,   September 2004
The Bush energy plan has opened some of the West's last best places to oil and gas drilling. The wildlife of Wyoming's Upper Green River Valley will never be the same.
Audubon,   Sept./Oct. 2004
Audubon,   Sept./Oct. 2004
Emblazoned on everything from license plates to a pro hockey team logo, the Florida panther is a popular symbol of the state's wild beauty. But when it comes to actually heeding sound science to save the endangered species' habitat, the public lacks the will to stop developers.


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