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Articles From 2002

Audubon,   Jan./Feb. 2002
Eucalyptus has its defenders, but today, 150 years after these "wonder trees" were first brought to coastal California, their dark side is coming to light.
Fly Rod & Reel,   Jan./Feb. 2002
How the government gives away your trout water.
Audubon,   Oct./Dec. 2002
In cold headwaters all across America, populations of unique and beautiful fish are winking out. Fish managers are fighting to save them, but anglers resist and the environmental community remains disinterested.
Audubon,   Oct./Dec. 2002
Audubon,   July/Sept. 2002
The state’s predator-control program is ill conceived, ineffective, and inhumane. What’s more, it has turned an enlightened resource agency and its talented staff of wildlife professionals into a national laughingstock.
Fly Rod & Reel,   Nov./Dec. 2002
Enviros alienate anglers over Marine Protected Areas
High Country News,   February 2002
Blue Ridge Press,   March 2002
Audubon,   Mar./Apr. 2002
The U.S. whitetail population is out of control. Not only are deer starving by the thousands, they're laying waste to entire ecosystems. There is only one solution.
Audubon,   Mar./Apr. 2002
Fly Rod & Reel,   March 2002
The truth is, we're killing them as soon as they hit legal size
Fly Rod & Reel,   April 2002
It's about rebirth, not destruction.
Audubon,   May/June 2002
Blue Ridge Press,   May 2002
Audubon,   May/June 2002
Armed with media reports that state and federal scientists tried to lock up public land by "falsifying" lynx data, conservative politicians are lashing out at the Endangered Species Act. They angrily proclaim that there has been "unethical behavior" and "malicious activities." They're right.
Fly Rod & Reel,   June 2002
The hardest part of restoring endangered fish is getting the permit.
Audubon,   July/Sept. 2002
Fly Rod & Reel,   July/Oct. 2002
Why anglers, hunters and environmentalists need to join forces.
Blue Ridge Press,   August 2002
Mother Jones,   September 2002
If the Bush Administration gets its way, roads will be slashed through the Tongass, the largest intact temperate rain forest on earth.


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