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Welcome to Scott Church Direct, the information and commentary site of Seattle-based landscape photographer Scott Church. This site was created to raise awareness of environmental and social issues from a Christian perspective and provide a scientific, theological, and ethical alternative to fundamentalism. Here you will find commentary and information on a wide range of issues that weigh on my heart. While my views, and frustrations, are presented throughout this site, it is my hope that it will act as a knowledge base that will contribute to solutions rather than conflict, and be a source of hope. Please feel free to contact me with any comments or suggestions you might have for how I might improve it. Thank you, and enjoy.

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Seattle PI     December 18, 2008
According to Deroy Murdock of the Far-Right Hoover Institute, "global cooling" is here. And of course, in this editorial we're subjected to all of the usual arguments that anyone who passed high school chemistry and physics would see through immediately: snowfall is on the rise! (exactly as global warming predicts)... look at all these people who think global warming isn't happening! (none of whom are climate scientists, and as though evidence aside, if lots of people with important sounding titles are saying so it must be true... whether those people are climate science literate or not). Even in the most hopeful of times, some things never change.

Seattle Times     December 9, 2008
Cooperation works! The conflict between salmon and farms around the Skagit River took a more cooperative turn today, when farmers and an Indian tribe announced they both would lobby for nearly 200 acres of state land to be converted back to tidal estuary. The proposed deal is meant to end a lawsuit between the Swinomish Tribe and a Skagit County district that maintains dikes and tidegates that keep Puget Sound and the Skagit River from flooding farmland.     November 4, 2008
Antony Flew, one of the most influential of 20th century philosophers and one of atheism's greatest champions, has backed down. In this book, Flew acknowledges concedes that atheism has little or no rational merit. He does not side with any particular religion, or even with a personal God. But for someone of his caliber to admit that reason and evidence support the existence of God is a significant blow to the atheist mantra that faith is somehow "irrational."


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