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Why Date?

Is it really worth it?
Nov. 6, 2011

And with power comes responsibility.

It is up to us to examine ourselves... To face our unnamed fears and sexual impulses and make them serve our destinies rather than rule our lives… To own things we would rather not be responsible for instead of blaming them on chemistry or fate… To make choices that are sane, even if they are uncomfortable at first… To be willing to risk investing our time and our hearts in getting to know others before reacting to them purely on impulse.

It is up to us to stop waiting for the world to lay emotional treasures at our feet, free of risk or cost, and commit ourselves daily to becoming the kind of men and women who make genuine love and deep passion possible… even if the rest of the world doesn’t follow suit initially, and a season of tears and disappointment is inevitable.

If the change does not begin with each of us… with me… then where does it begin?


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