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When God Shouts

Mea culpa and discipleship in the face of an impending Trump presidency.
Nov. 15, 2016

And surprise, surprise! The chickens came home to roost…

Marginalize millions of our fellow citizens long enough, leave them out in the cold without names, faces, or voices, and sooner or later they WILL find a way to be heard... even if it means going to the polls and firing a rocket propelled grenade across our land.

It's been said that God whispers to us in joy, speaks to us in pain, and shouts at us in tragedy. Well, guess what folks... when God shouts it's because we had it coming.

If there's anything I've gotten more sick of over the last week than the word "stunned," it's all the tiring Shakespearean soliloquies about Trump's alleged rise to power on a tide of Confederate flag-waving zealots longing for a return to "racist" and "patriarchal" empire. To be sure, some of it was... Lord knows there's no shortage of misogynists and racists in our ranks (more on that shortly as well)—the man was endorsed by the KKK after all. But beyond that, I call bullshit. I know a LOT of people, family and friends alike, who unlike me voted for Trump. Not one wasn't as revolted by his racism, his treatment of women, and his propensity for emotional and spiritual violence as I was, and had no reservations about voting for him... NOT ONE. And I've seen no credible exit poll data that suggests otherwise for the vast majority of his voter base either.

In 1970 Johnny Cash released a song called "What is Truth?" about my generation's struggles with the shifting winds of culture we grew up in. He sings,

"The old man turned off the radio

Said, 'Where did all of the old songs go

Kids sure play funny music these days

They play it in the strangest ways'

Said, 'it looks to me like they've all gone wild


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