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Info Pollution
Jim Norton
This page from environmental scientist and advocate Jim Norton has numerous links and articles covering a variety of environmental issues, the science behind them, and the Far-Right think tanks and fronts that are generally opposed to environmental protections. A wealth of information is provided about the funding sources of these organizations, their lobbying and public relations efforts (many of which are outright disinformation campaigns), and the generally poor quality of their science
Florida 2000 & Washington 2004: A Study of Two ElectionsPDF Version
Scott Church, October 2005
Ever since the year 2000 election debacle in Florida, Far-Right forums have sarcastically dismissed Democrat concerns about its irregularities as “sour grapes.” But when they were on the receiving end of a similarly close runoff during the Washington 2004 gubernatorial runoff, they stridently accused Democrats of “fraud” and insisted that their situation was somehow different. In this year 2005 paper I study both elections and show not only that both were statistical ties, but that the irregularities in Washington 2004 were orders of magnitude less severe than their Florida 2000 counterparts in degree, and in the number of voters disenfranchised. I also show that the conduct of the Bush Campaign and the Florida Secretary of State’s office in 2000 bordered on criminal, and had virtually no documented counterpart with Washington’s Democrats during 2004. The article has gotten me at least one hate-email filled with deleted-expletives from a Far-Right newswriter—who not surprisingly, refused to read it, or to offer and counter-evidence to my claims.


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