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These are a few of the world’s leading climate science journals. The latest and best global warming research can be found here.
Research Centers
National Center for Atmospheric Research: Climate & Global Dynamics Division
UCAR/CGD is one of the top two or three climate change research centers in the world today. They are generating many of the more reliable datasets and some of the best oceanic and atmospheric general circulation models in existence and are doing some of the best research in existence today on climate change and impacts. NCAR scientists, primarily in CGD, have been developing the Climate System Model (CSM). This model consists of component models of the atmosphere, oceans, land surface, and sea-ice coupled together without the use of any artificial flux adjustments (such flux adjustments have raised issues in other models). These models are base on CCSM software that divides the oceanic/atmospheric/terrestrial system into components connected by couplers that greatly increase their functionality and adaptability. Their Terrestrial Sciences Section has been developing and using appropriate multi-scale models, remote sensing, advanced analytical techniques, and observations to study the role of the terrestrial biosphere in the climate system.
The Hadley Centre for Climate Prediction & Research - UK
Based in the UK, the Hadley Centre is another of the world's top two or three climate change research centers, and also contributing some of the best research and climate models in the world. They are part of the UK Met Office, and provide a focus for the scientific issues associated with climate change. Their research priorities include the understanding of physical, chemical and biological processes within the climate system and the development of state-of-the-art climate models which represent them, the use of these models to simulate global and regional climate variability and change over the last 100 years and to predict changes over the next 100 years, and the monitoring of global and natural climate variability and change.
The Goddard Institute for Space Studies
Based at Columbia University in New York City., the NASA Goddard Institute for Space Studies (GISS) is another of the world's premier climate change and space research centers. Among other things, they are on the cutting edge of Earth observation, development of general circulation models of the atmosphere and ocean, atmospheric chemistry, and paleoclimate. Their SI2000 coupled ocean-atmosphere general circulation model is one of the most sophisticated and reliable models of the earth's weather systems in existence. Director James Hansen, is one of the world's foremost climate scientists and a leading member of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC).
The Joint Institute for the Study of the Atmosphere & Ocean JISAO)
Based at the University of Washington in Seattle (not far from where I live), JISAO is a cooperative research program between the University of Washington and NOAA. JISAO is doing cutting edge climate change research, including work on ENSO (El Nino Southern Oscillation) and coupled general circulation models of the atmosphere/ocean system, climate change impacts, including the human dimensions, ecosystem impacts, and its impacts on Pacific Northwest fisheries. They also investigate observed and predicted climate impacts on the Pacific Northwest region of the United States and its ecosystems. This Site contains extensive information about their research, publications, Pacific Northwest climate data, and a wealth of information about the impacts of climate change on human societies and a wide range of ecosystems.
Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC)
The IPCC is without a doubt the best scientific authority in existence today on global warming and climate change. Almost every scientist who has contributed significantly to the peer reviewed climate change research is on this committee, including numerous Nobel Laureates. Their publications are based on over 20,000 peer-reviewed scientific research papers, including work by the few published global warming skeptics whose work has met peer-review standards. As their work, more than that of any other scientific body in the world, demonstrates the seriousness of global warming, they have been more frequently and stridently attacked by climate change skeptics and Far-Right front groups than any other organization in the world. In 2007 the IPCC's 2500 members shared the Nobel Peace Prize with Al Gore.
Sierra Club - Smart energy Solutions
This is the Sierra Club's global warming website portal. It has basic information about the problem: The social and lifestyle implications, information about what can be done politically and socially, and how all of us can change our thoughts, our lives, and our votes in ways that will be part of the solution.
National Resources Defense Council - Global Warming
The NRDC has been a world leader in environmental policy and advocacy for years. Few other organizations have been more effective in curbing environmental abuses through legal and political channels. This is their global warming portal.


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