Climate Astroturfing

Scott Church
Exxon Secrets
This site is one of the best resources on the Internet for information about the network of fronts set up by industry and Far-Right interests to advance the interests of polluters, particularly greenhouse gas emitters. The information is presented in an interactive flash format or as HTML fact sheets. For those who would dismiss Greenpeace as having “liberal bias” nearly all of the information presented is cited to independent sources, most of which are publications of the astroturf groups themselves or their benefactors.
The Heat Is Online
Ross Gelbspan
This is the website for the 1998 book "The Heat is On" by Pulitzer Prize winning journalist Ross Gelbspan which exposes the way antienvironmental front groups funded by industry and Far-Right special interests have used lobbying and the popularization of climate change pseudoscience to prevent global warming mitigation measures from being implemented, particularly in the United States.
A Condensed Version of The Heat In On
Harpers, 1995
A Year 1995 condensed version of "The Heat is On" from Harpers magazine.
Correcting Myths about Global Warming/Climate Change
Jim Norton
This page from environmental scientist and advocate Jim Norton has numerous links and articles documenting the pseudoscience, carelessness, and professional negligence characteristic of astroturf front groups and their "scientific" consultants.


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