Temperate & Boreal Forests

Scott Church
The Olympic Natl. Forest's Ecosystem Management Site
NAS, 2000
This site provides an introductory overview of forest management, ecosystem issues, and information about forest and riparian habitats. There are also sections about biodiversity pathways and the National Forest Plan. This is a good introduction to forestry science and a glimpse into the heart and soul of a beautiful and genetically rich rainforest near my home in Seattle.
Environmental Issues in Pacific Northwest Forest Management
NRC, 2000
People are demanding more of the goods, services, and amenities provided by the forests of the Pacific Northwest. But in recent years, the finiteness of the supply is becoming more and more obvious. Facing this bring to light complex questions of biology, economics, social values, community life, and federal intervention. This book from the National Research Council (NRC) arm of the National Academy of Sciences explains that economic and aesthetic benefits can be sustained through new approaches to management. Recommendations are made to address restoration of damaged areas, management for multiple uses, dispute resolution, and federal authority. The biological importance, social significance, and management of old-growth and late-succession forests are explored, as is the market role of Pacific Northwest wood products and the implications if other regions should be expected to make up for reduced timber harvests. In a day and age when Pacific Northwest forests are more threatened than ever before, despite large tracts of second and third growth, the scientific basis this book provides is badly needed.
Forest Trees
NAS, 2000
News reports concerning decline of the world's forests are becoming sadly familiar. Most losses are measured in square kilometers, but a more profound loss cannot be measured. As forests disappear, so do their genetic resources. The genes they possess can no longer aid in their adaptation to a changing environment, nor can they be used to develop improved varieties or products. This loss of biodiversity happens in the background, behind the acres of second and third growth inbred trees timber companies are replacing old growth forest with. Yet this loss too often goes unnoticed because too many people still think a tree is a tree. This book assesses the status of the world's tree genetic resources and management efforts. Strategies for meeting future needs and alternatives to harvesting natural forests are presented.
An Assessment of Forest Ecosystem Health in the Southwest
Dahms & Geils
This report documents an ecological assessment of forest ecosystem health in the U.S. Southwest. It focuses on this region, and lands administered by the National Forest System. Information is presented for use by forest and district resource managers as well as collaborative partners in the stewardship of these forests. Different chapters describe Southwestern forest ecosystems of the past, changes since the Colonial Period, and the implications of those changes for the health of current and future forests. Opportunities, tools, and research needs for improving ecosystem sustainability are also identified.
The Packwood Community Based Forest Management Project
Our communities are not independent of the ecosystems we live in, and incorporating their management into our daily lives is as critical to our well-being as theirs. Community based forest management (CBFM) is about managing for more than the forest, and more than just the trees. It is about managing for multiple values of the community regarding the surrounding forest lands. The Packwood Community Based Forest Management Project is a collaborative community study evaluating community well-being through workshops, education, and maintaining a network of grassroots stewardship organizations. It is based at the foot of Mt. Rainier in Packwood, WA, not far from my home.


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